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Your customers expect you to accept credit cards, and they will be more likely to spend $ with YOU if you do, rather than going to your competitors. Accepting credit cards will help to increase your sales. NETCO makes this process simple and stress-free.

The entire process will take 5 minutes of your time and you'll be able to accept credit cards in just a few days. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you allow them the flexibility to pay the way they want to pay - including by credit or debit card. Happier customers are more loyal customers.

Quicker Checkout Time - You'll speed your customers through checkout with rapid electronic payment. No more counting change or waiting while customers write checks.

Increased Staff Safety - With lower volumes of cash, you're less vulnerable to theft and pilfering.



Netco Services
Retail Discount Rate*

Retail Transaction/Batch Fee
Monthly Service/Support/Statement Fee
$10 – $15
Industry Average
Netco Services
Surcharge (corporate & international)
Chargeback and/or Retrieval FeeNote: only charged if merchants customer disputes a charge.
ACH Reject FeeNote: It is only charged if you do not have enough funds in your bank account to cover credit card fees or debits. Simply like banks NSF Fee.
ACH Change FeeNote: only charged if you change your banking information.
*Most other providers will try to charge
you the following fees. We do not!

Industry Average
Netco Services
Annual Fee
up to $195
Application Fee
$75 to $125
Setup Fee
$50 to $150
Programming Fee
$50 to $95
Monthly Maintenance Fee
$0 to $10
*Note: Rates are effective for accounts solicited via the website and effective as of May 1st, 2011. Above is a summary only and based on intechange pass thru pricing method.
All fees are listed in the in the merchant application and agreement. Minimums may apply to some accounts.

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